Project Name: Torbay MS Co-Ordinator Project Joint working

Project Summary:

The aim of the Joint working project (JWP) is to recruit an FTE MS Co-ordinator to support non clinical patient management, and provide education on the MSPKB tool to patients. This will address the staff shortages being experienced by the JW Partner and help tackle the backlog of patients by speeding up the review of patient records, and increasing clinical service capacity by delegating non clinical activities to the MS co-ordinator. 

Planned Milestones:


DescriptionPlanned Completion


Project kick off meeting September 2022


Recruitment of MS Co-Ordinator and baseline measurements submittedUp to 3 months from milestone 1. Due to a delay to recruitment, milestone 2 will now be delivered before end December 2023.


Clinical initiationUp to 2 month of milestone 2 


3-month data collection3 months after milestone 3


6-month data collection3 months after milestone 4


9-month data collection3 months after milestone 5


Business case submitted & Project Outcomes Summary completedOriginally planned to be delivered in September 2023, due to delay to recruitment, milestone 7 will now be delivered within 3 months of milestone 6.

Expected Benefits:

Benefits to patients

  • Improved patient outcomes due to faster time from referral to treatment time;
  • Improved access to NICE recommended therapy;
  • Enhanced patient experience of the NHS MS service by reducing unnecessary waiting times.

Benefits to Torbay and South Devon NHSFT

  • Improved quality of care;
  • Reduction in patient waiting lists;
  • Improved MDT efficiency and outcomes;
  • Improved experience of staff by spreading workload

Benefits to Novartis

  • Better understanding of overall customers’ and patients’ needs;
  • Optimal use of medicines (including Novartis medicines) in appropriate patients 

 Start Date & Duration: September 2022-December 2024 or before depending on recruitment process