Project Name: Excellence in Heart Failure: AHSN Collaborative Project

Partner Organisation(s): Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust through Oxford Academic Health Science Network

Completion Date: December 2021

Outcome Summary: 

  • Novartis  and  the  Oxford  AHSN  worked collaboratively create a program framework that demonstrates  the  impact  and  feasibility  of  a  national  Excellence  in  Heart  Failure project
  • Preparation of  a  business  case  to  NHS  England  for selection as an AHSN National Project.


  • Engagement with CCGs, STPs, AHSNs, and clinical leads involved in HF Joint Working Projects to verify the possibility of using the experience accrued and data
  • Oxford AHSN collected, collated and analysed qualitative and quantitative data relating to the deployment of Excellence in Heart Failure projects
  • A health economic model was developed by Oxford AHSN using the quantitative and qualitative data collected

Quote from Partner: 

We were pleased to work collaboratively to develop the Excellence in Heart Failure Toolkit. The toolkit will be widely shared across the NHS and we hope that it is a valuable resource to support quality improvement in heart failure care, particularly during the COVID-19 recovery period.

Hannah Oatley, Oxford Academic Health Science Network


The Excellence in Heart Failure Toolkit aims to describe the steps required to plan and implement ‘Excellence in heart failure’ a methodology for optimising medication in heart failure patients. This toolkit focuses on medicines optimisation which has been shown to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients. To maximise patient benefit this toolkit could be considered alongside other innovations, for example, improving early diagnosis of heart failure care or increasing opportunities for self-care and self-management.  

Request ID 482684

June 2022


Project Name: Excellence in Heart Failure: AHSN Collaborative Project 

Project Period: 29 Months 

Joint Working Project Summary:

The Joint Working Project will involve the building of a program framework and a business case so that Excellence in Heart Failure can be adopted as an AHSN National Project and Excellence in Heart Failure initiatives can be deployed across the country.  

The program framework shall comprise, among others, an Excellence in Heart Failure Toolkit (the “Toolkit”) to support AHSN project implementation teams in the rollout of the project at a locality level. 

Expected Patient Outcomes for this Project:

The core deliverables for this Joint Working project will be: 

  1. the development of a framework for deployment of the Excellence in Heart Failure project across multiple AHSNs; 
  2. creation of the Toolkit
  3. creation and submission of a business case proposing Excellence in Heart Failure as an AHSN National Project. 

Start Date: 15/07/2019