Project Name: Northern Care Alliance Joint Cardiorenal Service Joint working

Project Summary:

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust is the largest foundation trust in the country, created from a merger of Salford Royal Foundation Trust and the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. This covers over 1 million patients from Greater Manchester and beyond, with an estimated 14,000 with HF and 39,000 with CKD.

These patients often are seen in both the HF and CKD services, which inconvenience patients, who must have two separate appointments. The duplicate appointments add to existing backlogs in both services.

In particular there is general unease around management of HF patients in the community primarily caused by a lack of confidence initiating innovative medicines for these patients in the community. Therefore, primary care refer these patients into secondary where they add to the backlog. By addressing the complex CKD/HF patients, an estimated 2000 clinical slots will be freed up.

Greater Manchester is also wanting to improve access to specialist care as part of the HSCP Plan, this project would support that aspect of their ambitions, including improving and standardising place based care across the Northern Care Alliance. QoF 2022 will have focus on identifying HF patients in the community, creating capacity in the HF service, which will ensure patients have access to care once identified.

This project would create a Cardiorenal Care pathway, which would be the first dedicated Cardiorenal pathway in the country to bring together multiple disciplines in an innovative way to improve patient care. The outputs of this project will allow other areas to replicate the case for change, funding and the blueprint for a Cardiorenal Care Pathway of which there is currently a gap nationally.

NCA table

Expected Benefits:

Anticipated Benefit to Patients

  • Shorter waiting lists
  • Streamlining of patient care
  • Less duplication of appointments
  • Faster access to innovative medicines

Anticipated Benefit for the Organisation(s)

  • Increase in capacity for HF and CKD clinics
  • Recognition for creating for HF/CKD Clinic in the UK and creating a solution which could be rolled out nationally
  • Increase the overall quality of care and improve equity of access to specialist care for patients with HF and CKD

Anticipated Benefit to Novartis

  • Improved access to NICE approved innovative therapies for the treatment of HF
  • Enhanced reputation as partner of choice in working in collaboration with the NHS

Start Date and Duration: May 2022, duration 18 months

UK | 445717 | May 2022