Project Name: Service improvement for the detection and treatment of Heart Failure (“HF”) in secondary care (“Integrated Nurse Programme”)

Project Summary:

The principal aim of this joint working project is to improve awareness, identification, management of, and outcomes for, patients with HF in secondary care.

This will be achieved through improvement of the current hospital-based specialist HF service through the deployment of an “in-reach” nurse specialist  with  the purpose of;

  • Identifying and triaging HF patients (both at acute medical receiving units and non-Cardiology departments) so the patients can be appropriately referred to the relevant Cardiology service and receive specialist HF input and
  • Subsequently coordinating the discharge of patients and liaising with community teams, including primary care, to ensure continuous appropriate care for HF patients after their discharge from hospital.

Planned Milestones:

Novartis Newcastle Milestones Table

Expected Benefits:

Anticipated benefits for Patients

  • Improved access to diagnosis and treatment;
  • More equitable and consistent care and access to care; and
  • Enhanced experience for patients and their carers who live with HF.

Anticipated Benefits for Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust

  • Increase the overall quality of care and improve equity of access to specialist care for patients with HF;
  • Improve patient flow and increase levels of accurate diagnosis on non-cardiology wards;
  • Increase proportion of patients with HF being managed in accordance with the NICE chronic heart failure 2018 guidelines; and
  • Insight into benefits of increased inpatient long-term therapy initiation/optimisation which may inform ongoing redesign and workforce planning

Anticipated Benefits for Novartis

  • Further opportunities for the appropriate use of heart failure licensed medicines in line with NICE guidelines, including Novartis’ medicine;
  • Improved reputation; and
  • Improved professional and transparent relationship and trust between Novartis and the NHS.


Start Date & Duration: April 2021 for 26 months