Project Name: Service Improvement for the Detection and Treatment of Heart Failure in Secondary Care

Project Summary:

This Joint Working Project (JWP) will involve the introduction of a hospital-based specialist heart failure (HF) service for patients admitted for the treatment of HF. The service will include the identification and triaging of patients (both at acute medical receiving units and when already admitted via General Medicine/other non-Cardiology departments) so they can be appropriately referred to the relevant Cardiology service and receive specialist HF input, and subsequently coordinating with primary care health services to ensure continuous appropriate care for HF patients after their discharge from hospital.

The JWP will focus on timely diagnosis, early initiation of HF treatment, rapid access to specialist care and planning for early supported discharge, post-discharge monitoring and early follow-up.

Expected Patient Outcomes:

The following measures will be evaluated by the Trust:

  1. Development of an in-patient strategy/protocol and implementation procedures of the same to govern the clinical operations of the Service
  2. Positive increase against the following baseline percentage (%) measures as stated in the most up to date National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research HF audit (whether published or not) for Southend University Hospital: 
  • input from Consultant Cardiologist
  • Joint Working Executive Summary
  • input from specialist
  • ACEI on discharge
  • ACEI/ARB on discharge
  • Beta blocker on discharge
  • MRA on discharge

3. Patient satisfaction linked to the HF Service (PREMS)

Start Date & Duration: 30/06/2019, 34 Months

UK2110150389 Aug-2022

Project Name: Service Improvement for the Detection and Treatment of Heart Failure in Secondary Care

Partner Organisations: Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Completion Date: April 2022

Outcome Summary: 
Improved the Heart Failure service by earlier patient detection and identification, leading to enhanced management and specialist follow up.

Key Project Outcomes Data:
1299 cases during this project, of which 79% were new patients. Averaged 86% specialist review Vs national average of 82%. 92% received an echo.


NHS outcomes:

  • dedicated Heart Failure nurse specialists
  • clear pathway for detection of new heart failure patients
  • online referral system implemented
  • capacity to manage in-hospital 2 week discharge clinic in liaison with primary care services

Patient outcomes:

  • earlier diagnosis
  • standardised management of treatment
  • specialist review
  • ongoing follow up plan

Novartis outcomes:

  • project delivered on the objective to support enhancements to heart failure services at Southend hospital, leading to ongoing funding to maintain the service.

Collaborating with the NHS to enable patients to access NICE approved medications in a timely manner.

This project achieved the objectives and has led to funding for ongoing enhanced Heart Failure services.

UK2208303419 Aug-2022