Project Name: The Development of an Integrated Care Clinic service for Heart Failure (HF) Joint Working Project

Project Summary:

  • The principal aim of this joint working project is to improve the detection and treatment of HF in primary care via an Integrated Care Clinics (“ICCs”) solution consisting of a quality improvement program to ensure better awareness, identification and management of and outcomes for, patients with HF in primary care
  • The project will promote a proactive integrated approach to HF care overall, together with a service evaluation, to deliver the benefits to patients of improved management by promoting active HF case finding, and titrating medication to optimal levels

Planned Milestones:

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, NHS Leeds CCG and Leeds General Practice Confederation Limited

Expected Benefits:

This program will include the following:

  1. increased accuracy and validity of defined HF population in GP practices across Leeds via primary care data cleansing, searches and actively identifying new HF patients and existing HF patients receiving sub-optimal care;
  2. undertaking of a virtual triage to identify patients that require optimised care within the patients’ cohort identified according to the databases searches mentioned above;
  3. development of Leeds HF care guidelines and streamlined pathways of care to standardise HF care across Leeds to improve adherence to NICE clinical guidelines and quality standards, reducing variation in management and practice locally;
  4. increased awareness, confidence and competence particularly across ‘non-specialist’ primary care healthcare professionals in the management of HF patients -  development of designated “champion for HF” at an individual GP practice or cluster of GP practices level;
  5. HF patients to receive regular (six-monthly) reviews in primary care;

Start Date & Duration: July 2018, 47 Months

UK | March 2022 | 420370