Project Name: Novartis & NHS Confederation Collaborative Working

Project Summary:

This Executive summary has been amended in May 2023 to reflect an update to the project with the addition of activities for 2023

2022 Activities

COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge the healthcare system has faced in living memory. It is essential that lessons are learned from this experience – whether from the extraordinary contributions of the NHS workforce, the rapid progress achieved in digitising and transforming service delivery, or from the inequalities brought sharply into focus. There is now not only an imperative to restore service provision while remaining prepared for possible future waves of the virus, but to build on this learning to bring about positive change and renewal so that the healthcare system can support the greatest possible improvements in health and wellbeing for everyone, well beyond this pandemic.

This CW sets to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Capture the lessons learnt and insights from the COVID pandemic to accelerate innovation.
  2. Shape thought leadership on the future of healthcare delivery in a post-COVID environment; and
  3. Explore new and innovative models of care to meet the future needs of patients and healthcare systems.

2023 Activities

Integration and partnership working are the driving force of healthcare. NHS Confederation is the membership organisation that brings together, supports and represents the whole healthcare system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, promoting collaboration and partnership working as the key to improving population health, delivering high-quality care and reducing health inequalities. NHS Confederation support integration across their membership, connecting different parts of the health and care system to share learnings and develop solutions to shared challenges.

The main objective of partnering with NHS Confederation in this project in 2023 is to be able to create a community of practice, for the duration of the collaborative working project, across the NHS ecosystem which will bring together healthcare system stakeholders from a variety of different backgrounds, roles and localities. The value of this is for the community of practice representatives to be able to discuss and address shared challenges in service delivery and co-create solutions.

The activities in 2023 also set out to achieve the following objectives:

  • Outcomes from all activities in 2023 will be shared with NHS stakeholders and will have an emphasis on mobilisation and adoption of insights in order to address challenges faced by the NHS, such as workforce issues and backlogs.
  • For Novartis UK to collaborate with NHS Confederation who represent NHS England, Wales and Northern Ireland in order for Novartis to align Novartis strategy to the needs of the healthcare system with the aim of shaping and implementing innovative collaborations and conversations that will positively address health inequalities.
  • To shape thought leadership on the future of healthcare delivery and overcoming key healthcare system challenges.

Planned Milestones:

Milestone Description
1 (2022) Co-design and deliver a Novartis Feature Zone at the Confed Expo 2022
2 (2022) Co-create Population Health management/Health Inequalities content to be  delivered through the CW Partner Integration & Innovation Into Action Series
3 (2022) This milestone will no longer be actioned and has been rebranded, in agreement with Novartis, as Board to Board Leadership Exchange in Milestone 10 Develop and deliver roundtables to explore key HCS issues and solutions to drive improvements in patient care with accompanying reports
3 (2022) Development of ICS Network engagement activities including the ICS Network Conference Novartis Exhibition/Workshop
4 (2022) Design of PCN Network Conference Novartis Exhibition/Workshop 2022
5 (2023) Co-creation and delivery of Feature Zone at NHS ConfedExpo 2023 with two Feature Zone sessions.
6 (2023) Co-creation and delivery of breakout sessions at the Welsh Confederation Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023
7 (2023) Co-creation and delivery  of PCN Network Conference Novartis Exhibition/Workshop 2023
8 (2023) Co-creation and delivery of a breakout session at Nicon Annual Conference 2023
9(2023) Co-creation and delivery of of exhibition/workshop at ICS Network Annual Conference 2023

Delivery of two engagement sessions at Board to Board Leadership Exchange.

This activity has been re-branded from delivery of 3 round table meetings in 2022.
11(2023) Delivery of podcast and webinar as part of Integration into action 2023 Series


Delivery of 4 ICS briefings and two Advisorate sessions as part of ICS Network Collaboration 2023
13(2023) Final Report and Outcomes Summary produced by CW Partner

Expected Benefits:

Expected Benefits for NHS Confederation

  • Increased understanding and thought leadership on new and innovative approaches such as population health management to accelerate post-COVID recovery across the NHS.
  • Access to insights and reports on examples of best practice and innovation to help inform healthcare system policy and develop services to meet the future needs of patients, and address health inequalities.
  • Increased awareness of the value of industry collaboration and partnership working to drive improvements in healthcare deliver and patient experience.
  • Additional engagement opportunities with healthcare system stakeholders to support improvement and transformation initiatives.

Expected Benefits for Novartis

  • Increased understanding of the key policy issues and challenges in healthcare, and use insights to support the development of innovation, best practice and replication of learning across Novartis
  • Gain exposure and increase reputation by working collaboratively with healthcare systems to implement policy and system solutions to drive improvements in patient care, experience, and outcomes.
  • Develop thought leadership to increase the awareness of industry collaboration and partnership working to drive improvements in healthcare delivery and patient experience

Start Date & Duration: March 2022 – This project was originally due to be completed in November 2022, however due to the addition of activities in 2023 will now end in June 2024.