Project Name: KSS AHSN ‘Don’t Walk Past’ Mental Health Game Collaborative Working

Project Summary:

Across the area covered by KSS AHSN Ltd there has been a high rate of staff turnover, absenteeism and job vacancies which have been exacerbated due to staff dealing with the pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this, KSS AHSN have piloted an App to help improve the emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing of staff.

The aim of this project is to support the deployment of the App: the “Don’t Walk Past” mental health game (explained in the background section below) across Kent Surrey and Sussex. The aim is to reduce staff absence and turnover rates by supporting the mental health and wellbeing of NHS staff.

Planned Milestones:

  1. Kick off meeting and baseline measure established
  2. App reviewed and played by multidisciplinary steering group members
  3. Roll out of App (phase 1 site) across a clinical and non-clinical area – Surrey and Sussex Healthcare
  4. 6 month data collection from phase 1 sites
  5. Roll out of App (Phase 2 sites) at University Hospital Sussex
  6. 12 month data from phase 1 sites, 6-month data from phase 2 sites
  7. Publishing of outcomes

Expected Benefits:

Anticipated Benefits for Patients:

By improving NHS workforce challenges (for example absenteeism) patients will be able to have improved access to NHS services, due to less absence.

Anticipated Benefits for the Organisation:

By improving NHS staff morale and supporting their mental health, there would be less of a workforce gap, leading to improvement in services by creating more appointments for patients, thus improving patient care to meet constitutional targets.

Anticipated Benefits for Novartis:

Without a sufficient workforce many services are not running efficiently with patients waiting long periods of time to be seen by appropriate staff at appropriate times.

By improving the workforce health and well-being (through a reduction in absence rates) this will provide an increased opportunity for patients to receive NICE approved medicines, including Novartis treatments, in a more timely manner.

Start Date & Duration: February 2023 - May 2024, 15 months duration

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