Project Name: Multiple Sclerosis Re-imagining Care Pathways Collaborative Working

Project Summary:

The Reimagining Care Pathways collaborative working programme is a service offered by Novartis, which comprises a series of workshops, with the aim of:

  • Providing pathway mapping support to the NHS (healthcare and service teams) to improve efficiency and service effectiveness to the benefit of patient care.
  • Providing pathway mapping support the NHS (healthcare and service teams) to address the local challenges they face in the delivery of patient care.

The programme facilitates area teams (Trust or ICS) to identify areas for efficiency within their service for prioritisation. The programme will be carried out in a number of different institutions. The service is facilitated by the Solutions Implementation Manager (SIM) Team.

Planned Milestones:

Planned Milestones Table

Expected Benefits:

Anticipated benefits to patients:
Improved patient outcomes due to faster time from referral to treatment time; Improved access to NICE recommended therapy; Enhanced patient experience of the NHS MS service by reducing unnecessary waiting times.

Anticipated benefits to the NHS:
Improved understanding of the current service pathway, and associated efficiencies and inefficiencies. Potential to lead to solutions which could allow the NHS organisation to enhance both patient experience and outcomes.

Anticipated benefits to Novartis:
Understanding of possible opportunities to partner with the NHS to enhance patient outcomes and experience. Better understanding of patients’, carers and customers’ needs, which may inform future service offerings, and synergies between needs of the customer and Value of Novartis offerings.

Start Date & Duration: From February 2023 for 6 months