Project Name: You First

Project Summary:

You First is a nurse-led patient support programme supporting over 1,500 patients across 60+ NHS Trusts and Health Boards. The Novartis You First offering covers several clinical indications and is funded via a Package Deal, directly with Trusts. Novartis receives anecdotal feedback from HCPs, pharmacists and nurses about the benefits to the NHS from You First but do not have a mechanism or access to full data to assess the impact You First may have on the NHS. This Collaborative Working Project (CWP) aims to support the audit of retrospective data to understand the impact You First has had on the Rheumatology service at the CW Partner.

Planned Milestones:

The collaborative working will;

  1. Analyse how You First patient support program has impacted the Trust’s service from a financial perspective and freed up capacity

  2. Explore how You First enhances patient care and whether its introduction has helped the service meet their patient needs

  3. Review how it has provided the Trust’s clinical team with the confidence of moving patients to a community-based setting

  4. Identify any improvements that can be made to the existing You First programme

You First Table

The third-party, contracted by Novartis, will receive the anonymised data from the CW Partner to analyse. The third-party will also write up the abstract and poster with input from the CW Partner.

Expected Benefits:

For the Patient:

  • Allowing more patients to access community-based care and in a more efficient manner

  • Understanding the required improvements to You First will directly benefit patients by having a targeted approach to accessing PSP services

For the NHS:

  • Obtain tangible evidence that the utilization of You First is beneficial to the NHS and patient care which would increase confidence in the use of the You First PSP to enable more patients to gain access

  • Understand the quantitative impact a PSP has on their service

  • Provides data to support the sustainability of NHS-led PSPs in the longer term for community-based patient care

For Novartis:

  • Understanding the impact Novartis PSPs may have on the NHS

  • Identify improvements that can be made to Novartis PSPs, in particular You First

  • Showcase NHS and Novartis partnerships to drive future collaboration

  • Better understanding of overall customers’ and patients’ needs

Start Date and Duration: 

Start Date: May-2022

Duration: 8 months