What is an Exercise Bike doing in an Oncology ward?

Feb 27, 2024
Beacon Hospital Novartis Chemo Bike Visit

Novartis Ireland announced a new partnership with the Beacon Hospital, to support their Beacon Chemo Bike Project, which aims at researching the impact of exercise across cancer diagnoses.

The idea of exercise is widely considered as a way of keeping healthy in the first instance, but it plays such a significant role in the treatment of illnesses such as cancer. At the Beacon Hospital, as part of their Chemo Bike Project, some of their breast cancer patients will use the exercise bike before and during their chemotherapy, with the aim of improving their outcomes throughout their treatment.

Novartis has a strong ambition to integrate exercise into a patient’s journey. The Chemo Bike Project in the Beacon Hospital is a continuation of the significant work that Novartis has previously done with ExWell Medical, with exercise programs designed for people with Breast Cancer, and the community exercise program designed to improve heart health.

Members from the Novartis Ireland Oncology team were able to visit the Beacon Hospital and see their new exercise bike, and the remarkable work that is being done by the Beacon Hospital staff, to significantly improve a patient’s experience during chemotherapy.

We look forward to seeing the benefits that this project may offer patients going forward.


IE414773 | February 2024