Marc shares his story for Lp(a) Awareness Day

Mar 22, 2024

Elevated lipoprotein(a), or “Lp(a)”, is a genetic risk factor for heart disease such as stroke or heart attack.  1 in 5 people worldwide have elevated lp(a).

24th March 2024 was Lp(a) Awareness Day. To mark this we were delighted to share Marc’s story- a seemingly healthy father of three who had two heart attacks at a young age. Marc highlights how he did not fit the typical profile of someone at risk of heart disease and his subsequent search for answers. Marc’s story also highlights the impact that discovering his elevated lp(a) had not just on him but on his family as a whole.

Get a glimpse of Marc’s story in the videos below or read the full article here Family ties - Novartis Live. Magazine