Sep 02, 2020
  • With COVID-19 restrictions significantly impacting on traditional ways of working, Novartis Australia is offering associates the choice to decide how, where and when they work.
  • Novartis’ new flexible working model forms the basis of the organisation’s long-term vision for redefining how associates create the greatest impact in their role.
  • The “unbossed” future working model empowers associates to take personal responsibility to inform managers about their working schedule and align with teammates for effective collaboration.

As the global pandemic has accelerated the need for organisations to explore new ways of working, Novartis is also responding to our associates’ desire for more flexibility by reimagining how, where and when we work.

The future working model for Novartis is inspired by the belief that we can optimise both personal and business performance. With people being our most valuable resource, we want everyone to feel free to be their best selves at work and at home, and we are committed to helping them to be inspired, curious and “unbossed”.

Novartis is exploring how we can offer maximum choice for everyone. This will be a multi-year journey and a process of learning and experimentation. It kickstarts with the following initiatives:

  • In July we introduced an updated flexibility policy that applies to all office-based associates. The policy shifts responsibility from manager-approved to manager-informed, empowering associates to choose how, where and when they work.
  • We offered a one-off allowance to financially assist all previous office-based associates with working remotely towards the cost of equipment that supports a healthy and comfortable at-home work environment.
  • We established a cross-business team of employees to explore what we are calling our “Reimagine Tomorrow” work practices; with regular pulse check-ins to listen to our people and to shape and inform our new approaches based on what matters them.
  • Throughout this time we also expanded our mental health and wellbeing resources to raise awareness, create understanding and encourage good mental health practices. We have held health and wellbeing support delivered by a qualified clinical/organisational psychologist. These sessions have covered topics such as; Building Resilience, Preventing Burnout, Juggling Kids and Work Responsibilities, and Staying Healthy while Working from Home.

Sue Whipps, Country Head - People and Organisation for Novartis Australia and New Zealand said: “Novartis Australia and New Zealand is proud to be a pioneer in reimagining the future workplace, creating an environment that works for all. We believe that the new ‘unbossed’ flexible working model will ensure we unleash the power of our people to continue to deliver life changing treatments for patients, while progressing towards a truly innovative work philosophy.”

These steps highlight Novartis’ investment in sustainable solutions to support and empower associates now and into the future. Each initiative will be assessed to ensure our long-term proposals are practical, impactful and applicable to the widest possible spectrum of associates, forming the foundation for our future working model.