Healthcare professional engagement in New Zealand

The new Medicines New Zealand transparency guidelines will increase transparency about the vital role of healthcare professionals in the development and use of new, innovative medicines. Healthcare professionals help to educate patients about medicines and their safe, ongoing use – a bond of trust that we, as a Medicines New Zealand member company, want to help make even stronger.

Novartis values the expert knowledge of patient behavior and of management of diseases that comes from interactions with the healthcare community, Novartis Pharmaceuticals will disclose details of these engagements on this site. Novartis will provide details of reportable payments or transfers of value to a healthcare professional.

Reportable payments or transfers of value are:

  • Payments for the provision of services such as giving a lecture, chairing an educational meeting, providing advice as a member of an Advisory Board or as a Consultant
  • Airfares, accommodation and/or conference registration fees to attend medical education as part of those services.

The reports are downloadable below, and these will be available for at least 3 years from the date of publication.

Novartis New Zealand - 1 November 2021 to 31 December 2021 (PDF 0.1 MB)(CSV 0.1 MB)

Novartis New Zealand - 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022 (PDF 0.1 MB), (CSV 0.1 MB)

Novartis New Zealand - 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023 (PDF 0.1 MB), (CSV 0.1 MB)

To comply with our privacy obligations, the report may be amended from time to time. The reports here contains the most up to date information. Any use or disclosure of the data by a third party is the responsibility of that third party, who must comply with the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020. 

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We believe that greater transparency will increase confidence by patients that the working relationship between the industry and healthcare professionals is ethical and appropriate.