We believe that keeping pace with our company’s rapid growth means investing in people as leaders of change. We believe in that a collaborative culture is vital to our aspiration of becoming a best place to work in Australia.

Novartis has a clear mission, focused strategy and strong culture, all of which we expect will support the creation of value over the long term for our company, our shareholders and society. We recognise that our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our associates. We encourage associates to focus on achievement through collaboration and innovation.

A global healthcare leader, Novartis has one of the most exciting product pipelines in the industry today. A pipeline of innovative medicines brought to life by diverse, talented, performance driven people. All of which makes us one of the most rewarding employers in our field.

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Our performance-oriented culture and responsible business approach attract top experts in many areas, including research and development, marketing and sales, finance and administration. Our talented associates have made us a global leader in healthcare. Novartis is committed to rewarding the people who invest their ideas and their time in our company.

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