Our global pharmaceuticals portfolio includes more than 50 key marketed products, many of which are innovative leaders in their therapeutic areas.


Novartis cardiovascular therapeutic teams are passionate about research, development and quality manufacturing of novel therapies and solutions to reduce the burden of diseases in communities around the world. We focus our efforts on diseases that negatively affect the heart, kidney, liver, and blood vessels with the goal of better patient outcomes.


Novartis aims to improve outcomes and enhance the lives of those affected by painful and debilitating immunological conditions. Our Immunology teams are transforming patients’ lives by preventing progressive illnesses and successfully treating co-morbidities in the Specialty Dermatology, Rheumatology and Transplantation fields, where there are remaining high unmet medical needs.


Novartis has a strong 60-year history in neuroscience. In our research, we leverage advances in human genetics, new imaging technologies and other novel approaches to better understand brain disorders and continue bringing pioneering drugs to patients worldwide.


Novartis Oncology is further divided into the Haematology and Solid tumours therapeutic areas. Novartis is a leader in driving the practice of precision oncology treatment. Precision oncology is the evolving understanding of how cancers develop on a genomic level and our ability to develop drugs that hone in on those targets – ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Our research, driven by a distinctive scientific and clinical strategy, focuses on unmet medical needs and disease pathways.

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