Novartis in Australia and New Zealand continues to closely monitor and respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Our priority is to ensure the health and safety of our people, patients, and healthcare professionals.

Mar 27, 2020

We continue to distribute our medicines to patients across Australia & New Zealand. We have taken necessary steps to ensure our inventory levels are able to respond to the demands from our community. We support both Australian and New Zealand Government’s efforts to prevent the stockpiling of medicines. However, the situation remains very dynamic and there are aspects that are beyond any one manufacturer’s control. We remain fully committed to transparently sharing updates with our customers should there be any disruption.

Face-to-face engagement with healthcare professionals will continue to be suspended until further notice, and our people are utilising virtual options as necessary. The only exception are those essential engagements that ensure continuity of supply of our medicines or care in a clinical trial setting, where no viable alternative to a face-to-face meeting is available. This applies to all employees across all divisions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We have made these changes to our face-to-face external meeting protocols to protect the health of our communities, including healthcare professionals and the patients we serve.

Both Sydney and Auckland head office remain open, but the majority of our head office associates are now working remotely and have been strongly encouraged to stay at home. We are implementing technologies that support these new ways of working.

Globally, we have announced a broad range of initiatives to respond to COVID-19 Pandemic including the establishment of USD 20 million global fund to support impacted communities. Additionally, Novartis together with other life sciences companies is committing expertise and assets to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic alongside Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

We have also put the following additional measures in place:

  • We are implementing general international and domestic travel restrictions.
  • We have issued guidance on how our associates can protect themselves against coronavirus infection.
  • Where required, we have enacted mitigation plans to ensure ongoing drug supply to depots for our clinical studies, and we are working closely with the authorities on dispensing to trial participants.

To find out more about our global response, head to

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will adapt our measures as the situation evolves. We continue to be informed and take the lead the advice from our local Australian and New Zealand health authorities.

Novartis remains responsive to any developments regarding coronavirus and will take all necessary steps to protect our associates, healthcare professionals and patients as the situation evolves.

Please continue to check for the latest updates from the Australian and New Zealand organisation.