Novartis, through its well-being program Energized for Life, takes a holistic approach to supporting us to be our best selves every day and everywhere.

As we continue to move to a fully unbossed culture, Novartis gives us options and supports us to make the right decisions for ourselves. Whether it is working more flexibly; considering alternative tools to sustain energy; taking time to look after our mind and body or considering how we make the most of our workspace. We have a modern activity based working environment that allows us to constantly engage with individuals we wouldn’t normally in our day to day job.


Mind & Body

1. Mindfulness

Being present, in the moment and pausing amid the constant influx of stimuli and acknowledging our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Practicing mindfulness increases our self-awareness, minimises stress levels and helps us appreciate the preciousness of life.

2. Sustainable High Impact

Sustainable High Impact is a condition where we are highly motivated, self-image is strong, and our capability to handle a busy, complex world is evident. Through our behaviours, we purposefully manage our personal energy, resilience, mental agility and impact. Achieved through: mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery.

  • Impact on ourselves: personal energy, resilience, and mental agility
  • Impact on others: become an energy giver and inspire others

3. Well-being

In Australia, Novartis supports many programs:

  • Health awareness: skin, eye screenings, flu vaccinations and sponsors individuals to get involved in events such as the City to Surf.
  • Physical condition: walking meetings, office associates receive free gym memberships, on-site gym classes including yoga and strength and field base associates have a wellbeing allowance.
  • Mind: Mindfulness and meditation classes virtually and in person, mental first aiders and the awakened Mind app.

Novartis offers courses where helpful information and practices concerning mental health are shared. We learn to have the confidence to talk about mental health, understand signs and symptoms, know where to send a person in need, and support the discussion of breaking the stigma associated with mental health.

  • Ergonomics: office & mobile ergonomic tools for working from home.
  • Assistance: Employee Assistance program, Global Financial Well-being program, Mentoring, Caring for Colleagues program

How we work

1. Flexibility

Where possible, Novartis gives us the choice of when, where and how we work in order to manage the demands and priorities of our professional and personal life with sustainable impact. We have access to the latest collaborative technology, flexible workspaces and servant leaders that role-modelling flexibility.

2. Workspace

The quality of our workspace directly relates to our energy levels. Novartis aims to create a work environment that is inspiring, supports well-being, collaboration and agility. Activity-based working has been introduced to support the shift to a more agile and collaborative working environment.