Code of Ethics

Based on our commitment to reimagine medicine and extend patient lives, the Code of Ethics is our core principles towards all our stakeholders

Familiarization program for Independent Directors

Keeping the Board of Directors informed on industry and regulatory updates and their roles and responsibilities

Vigil Mechanism and Whistle-blower policy

A mechanism that enables Directors and employees to report genuine concerns


Provides guidance on the vision, principles and governance of CSR initiatives

CSR Policy - Novartis India Limited

Details of NIL CSR Projects FY 2022-23

Details of NIL CSR Annual Action Plan FY 2022-23

CSR Policy - Novartis Healthcare Private Limited

Details of NHPL CSR Projects FY 2022-23

Details of NHPL CSR Annual Action Plan FY 2022-23

Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR)

Novartis Equal Opportunity Policy is to provide equal opportunity to all applicants and provide individual growth opportunities to all associates in accordance with all applicable laws of land, government orders and corporate guidelines. This Equal Opportunity Policy is in accordance with the provisions of The Rights of People with Disabilities Act, 2016.

Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Guidelines on selection, nomination, appointment and remuneration of Directors, Key Managerial Personnel and Senior Management Personnel of the Company

Dividend Distribution Policy

Guidelines for declaration/recommendation of dividends

Policy for dealing with Related Party Transactions

Defines standards/procedures and disclosures while dealing with Related Party Transactions

Code of Practices and Procedures for Fair Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information

Code aims to ensure timely disclosures of unpublished price sensitive information which may impact the stock prices

Code of Conduct for Designated Persons and their immediate relatives

Defines code of conduct to regulate, monitor and report share trading by Designated Persons and their immediate relatives

Policy for Determination of Materiality for any event or information

Defines standards on disclosure of material events and transactions to the investors 

Policy for Prevention and Prosecution of Acts of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Guidelines to prevent and prosecute acts of sexual harrassment at the workplace.

Constitution of ICC - NIL and NHPL

Policy for Preservation of Documents

Defines the principles to be followed for effective maintenance and preservation of documents of the Company

Board Diversity Policy

The Policy is to provide a framework for leveraging on the differences within the expertise of the Board, offering a broad range of perspectives that are directly relevant to the business.

Investor Servicing And Grievance Redressal Policy

The Policy outlines the type of queries that investors can raise; escalation matrix for resolving day to day queries of investor; and timelines for resolving different queries.