For Novartis, one of our strategic priorities is to be a leader in harnessing data science and digital technologies to boost effectiveness and efficiency across our enterprise. A lot of our countries across the world launched HCP portals to help physicians to find valuable information and bring them possibility for constant education.  Our main goal is saving lives of patients and provide them better treatment, that is why we are preparing content especially for physicians, which supports achieving of this goal.

Since we all know, that right decisions come after knowing right information. We have already begun working on a platform of digital solutions to engage with our stakeholders. Digital technologies help our scientists discover and develop new treatments; they are vital to our decision-making; how we run our operations and our patient engagement.

Novartis has now expanded its reach using innovative digital tools, making its presence felt on trusted platforms for medical professionals. Digital health solutions, which rely on artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), span the gamut of biotechnology, computer science, robotics, and communication networks to exponentially expand the reach of healthcare services. Digital and social connectivity allow healthcare professionals not only to engage with patients, but also with each other to share knowledge and seek help. These technological advances allow for improved access to healthcare, increased patient engagement and outcomes, and enhanced information flow.

Novartis publishes payments and other ‘transfers of value’ to Healthcare Professionals to increase transparency and build trust. Many countries disclose these payments of the previous year in June. Additionally, we iteratively share information around our clinical trials and attended medical congresses and events all year round keeping HCPs informed and up-to-date.

Novartis provides information and resources for healthcare professionals at country level through the following HCP portals. These sites generally require healthcare professionals to register for an account or self-certify.

Country HCP Portal 
Andean region
United Kingdom