Novartis has committed itself to fulfilling the human rights and environmental obligations set out in the SCDDA. We consider the protection of human rights to be a key element of our corporate responsibility. Our dedication to respecting Human Rights is based on the United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights (“UDHR“)” from 1948 and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Moreover, we subscribe to the Minimata Convention referred to in the SCDDA, the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs Convention) and the Basel Convention, amongst others. 

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In accordance with sections 8 and 9 of the SCDDA, Novartis wishes to make a Complaints Procedure available to its own employees as well as other potentially affected persons. Whether relating to Novartis‘ own field of operations or to Novartis‘ supply chain (direct and indirect Suppliers), both internals and externals are able to provide information on risks to, and breaches of, human rights and environmental obligations via such Complaints Procedure.

Complaints regarding any of the following SCDDA protected rights:

  1. Prohibition on Child Labor
  2. Prohibition on Forced Labor
  3. Prohibition on Slavery / Modern Slavery
  4. Occupational Health & Safety
  5. Freedom of Association
  6. Prohibition on Discriminatory Employment Practices
  7. Minimum / Fair Wage requirements
  8. Prohibition on Environmental Pollution (air, land, waters, noise) and Protection of Waters / Essential Natural Resources
  9. Prohibition on Forced Eviction / Forced Dispossession of Lands / Forests / Waters
  10. Prohibition on Disproportionate Deployment of Security Forces

can be made to us via the Complaints Procedure System Link, available for use both internally and externally, below: 

Link on Complaints Procedure System (SpeakUp)

Documentation and Reporting (SCDDA)

on this part of our SCDDA homepage, the first publicly accessible report on the fulfillment of the due diligence obligations resulting from the German SCDDA will be located here from April 30, 2025.