Financial Transparency for Philippines

Healthcare professional engagement in the Philippines

In line with our Code of Ethics, Novartis Philippines increases transparency about the vital role of healthcare providers and healthcare professionals in the development and use of new, innovative medicines. Transparency in financial relationships between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals/organizations is crucial for maintaining ethical standards and public trust. It ensures that potential conflicts of interest are disclosed, allowing patients and the medical community to make informed decisions. 

Novartis Philippines shall document, maintain records, and submit to DOH-FDA all financial relationships directly or indirectly made with healthcare providers and healthcare professionals, both in private and public sectors, in accordance with existing laws implementing rules and regulations and guidelines. 

Reportable payments or transfers of value are:

  • For health care providers, all sponsorship of events, research and educational grants, payment of services, space rentals or facility fees, and donations for patients, among other health care provider services arrangements;
  • For health care professionals, all donations, educational grants, research funding, sponsorships related to events, travel, and accommodation, registration fees, honoraria, support for continuing professional development (CPD), royalties, current or prospective ownership or investment interest, consultancy/speakership fees, among other health care professional services arrangements; and
  • Payments to drugstores for disease awareness partnership programs, training of drugstore pharmacists conducted by companies or training of drugstore pharmacists conducted by third parties on behalf of companies, or similar nature of financial relationships, shall be disclosed and reported.

In compliance to the Department of Health Administrative Order 2021-0036, Novartis Philippines is disclosing details of these engagements on through the local FDA Online Disclosure Report System which can be accessed online via

The reports are submitted to the official ODRS website on the following timelines:

Report Coverage

Deadline for updating in the FDA Online

Disclosure Report System

1st half of the current year

Every 15th of July of the current year

2nd half of the current year

Every 15th of January of the succeeding


*As provided in FDA Advisory No. 2021-2035, the first Disclosure Report covering January 2021 to June 2021 is due for filing with the FDA on 15 September 2021.

Any use or disclosure of the data by a third party is the responsibility of that third party, who must comply with the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012.
For further information on the Guidelines of the Department of Health Administrative Order 2021-0036, visit DOH Health Policies and Laws.
For further information about the details in the report, contact the local ERC Manager and Transparency Lead for the Philippines.
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We believe that greater transparency will increase confidence by patients that the working relationship between the industry and healthcare professionals is ethical and appropriate.