Novartis in the Philippines was incorporated in 1996, following the merger of the global parent companies Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Novartis Healthcare Philippines, Inc. is one of the leading research-based pharmaceutical companies in the country, providing innovative, life-saving medicines to patients.

Novartis has made substantial contributions to support the Philippine economy and improve health outcomes of Filipinos:


In 2020, Novartis contributed PHP 8.3 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Philippines. Fifteen percent of the company's total GDP contribution stems from innovation.


Total GDP contribution (PHP)


The company has opened up more employment opportunities for Filipinos and is providing broader regional leadership exposure to local talents. In 2020, its business operations created a total of 9 183 local jobs, including the employment of 477 Filipino associates (as of July 1, 2021).

9 183

Local jobs created in 2020

Novartis has been officially recognized by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer in the Philippines for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022). To become recognized as a Top Employer, an organization must demonstrate its commitment to putting their people first through their exceptional human resource (HR) policies. Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognizing excellence in people practices.

Novartis Philippines certified top employer 2022



In 2020, Novartis invested PHP 105 million in 23 clinical trials, benefitting 186 patients in Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Metabolism, Immunology & Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Oncology. The company also established Centers of Excellence for Clinical Trials in local hospitals and research institutes.


R&D investment in PH in 2020 (PHP)

Access to medicines

In 2020, the full Novartis portfolio of medicines reached 2.2 million Filipino patients. Filipino patients who took Novartis medicines gained a total of 10,526 quality-adjusted life-year (QALYs). QALY is a generic measure of disease burden, including both the quality and the quantity of life lived. It is used in economic evaluation to assess the value of medical interventions. One QALY equates to one year in perfect health.


Patients in PH reached by Novartis portfolio of medicines in 2020

Support to national pandemic response

Novartis focused on supporting and protecting frontline workers and patients, and expanding the healthcare system's COVID-19 testing and treatment capacity.

The company donated over PHP 20 million worth of PPEs, test kits and food packs to help frontline workers. It collaborated with partner providers for home delivery of patients’ medicines.

With key stakeholders in the government and private sector, the company organized webinars to educate Filipinos on heart failure care amid the pandemic, and to address vaccine hesitancy.


Covid response donation (PHP)