Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited is an equal opportunity employer and diversity is critical to the way we do our business. While our diverse workforce brings different people and perspectives together, inclusion helps us get the right combination in the team. We create an environment where each of the employees feels valued, respected and heard.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in work force is our commitment. We are committed to bring the right set of people in our organization from different groups. It is our differences that make us powerful. In line with our global strategy, we consider diversity and inclusion to encompass, but not be limited to race, ethnicity, gender, thinking styles, religion and belief, sexual orientation, age, differential ability, education, nationality and life experiences.

  • Novartis Diversity & Inclusion vision Novartis is recognized internally and externally for the diversity of our associates and our inclusive culture, driven by a D&I strategy based upon concrete business, scientific, talent and reputational outcomes.
  • Novartis Diversity & Inclusion strategy We drive our patient-centered business and scientific innovation through diversity and inclusion. Activities and initiatives support four strategic pillars: talent and leadership, culture of inclusion, patient and customer, and reputation.

Women at Novartis:

Building a gender-balanced organization with a truly inclusive work culture is one of our strategic priorities.

We are committed to setting the balance in the male female ratio in the work force. We have female leaders in commercial role, which is an example of female empowerment in the pharma industry of the country. A good number of female employees are also working in our manufacturing plant as well as in the field force.

We want to accelerate progress in equality and women empowerment because they are central to our business growth and our social impact. Though we started with a low base of female representation in senior roles due to the historical industry characteristics, over the last few years, we have made significant progress with female representation at senior level.

We want to ensure that the representation of women at the most senior levels in our business keeps increasing.