Turning Perceptions Inside Out

Nov 08, 2017

Psoriasis Association Malaysia and Novartis have come together to raise awareness on Psoriasis in conjunction with World Psoriasis Day 2017 (WPD 2017). The theme for this year’s WPD 2017 is #PsoriasisInsideOut. The #PsoriasisInsideOut campaign encouraged the public to share a picture of themselves wearing their clothes inside out on their social media pages with the hashtag (#PsoriasisInsideOut) and tag their friends to do the challenge as well.


Psoriasis patients often feel stigmatised due to their visible skin abnormalities and the misconception of it being a contagious disease. The campaign was born out of the insight that Psoriasis patients are usually subjected to weird stares and glances by others, similarly when people dressed inside out, they got to experience what these patients felt.