Living with Myelofibrosis

Myelofibrosis, which predominantly affects the elderly, may go undetected in the initial stages as its symptoms can mimic common health issues such as fatigue or shortness of breath.1
Today, we‘re sharing the story of a patient living with myelofibrosis. His experience sheds light on this rare blood cancer and helps patients and caregivers understand the challenges of living with this disease.
More importantly, it shows that patients living with myelofibrosis are not only surviving but living fulfilling lives with the right treatment.
At Novartis, we place patients front and center of everything that we do. They’re our co-partners in reimagining medicine to improve and extend the lives of every Malaysian.

Jul 31, 2023

1. NIH National Library of Medicine. Primary Myelofibrosis. September 2014.