#BePsoPositive in support of Psoriasis Patients

Dec 06, 2019

Patients living with Psoriasis understand their skin, they know what triggers it and know what helps them manage it temporarily. They have been through the social stigma all their lives and all they ask for is for people to accept them for who they are.

However, what’s lacking in their understanding is the comorbidities that accompany Psoriasis. For so long, they’ve just been fighting with their skin and are unaware of the underlying risks. Some have looked for more effective treatment, but the long-term costs and lack of funding have often turned them away.

We came together with Psoriasis Association Of Malaysia and Zee Avi to continue our efforts in raising awareness about Psoriasis and its comorbidities. Check out what we did it in the video below.

At this point in time, there’s no cure for psoriasis. but there are newer and effective treatments available that help us manage our symptoms. However, the cost of treatment is a huge burden to our finances and not all of us are able to afford this for the rest of our lives. Hence, we wish to implore the government’s support to make psoriasis treatments more accessible in Malaysia.

Please support our psoriasis patients in getting back the lives they deserve by signing the petition! Your signature can make difference. Sign the petition today here: http://chng.it/SXg9MJ9F

#BePsoPositive #Ask4Clear