Novartis provides financial support for the following types of projects:

  • Projects and programs raising public awareness of health issues in areas in which Novartis operates.
  • Programs provided by institutions based in the Czech Republic, focusing on improving the provision of healthcare
  • Educational programs aimed at healthcare professionals, patients and the general public

Support for all of the above activities always complies with applicable laws, local and international ethical standards (i.e., AIFP, EFPIA codes) and all Novartis internal regulations.

Programs supported in grant proceedings must always be transparent. Under no circumstances may support be offered, promised or made as an incentive or reward for past, present or future willingness to prescribe, recommend or use products or services sold or provided by Novartis or as an attempt to obtain or maintain a trade or any other business advantage for the company.

Grants may only be awarded to legitimate institutions, in particular healthcare institutions, patient organizations, foundations, charities and other non-profit organizations. The main therapeutic areas we support are here.

Grant applications must be submitted via the GEMS portal after clicking on this link. You will find more information about the GEMS portal by clicking on this link (PDF 0.2 MB).

You will find instructions for the portal by clicking on this link (PDF 2.9 MB).
Grant applications can be submitted at any time during the year.

Ikona dokumentu

Applications should include the following documents:

  1. A clear specification of the purpose of support, what is required and what the funds will be used for,
  2. Supporting materials (calculations, detailed budgets, project schedule, photos or pictures),
  3. An extract from the Commercial Register, statutes or founding documents,
  4. Annual Report for the previous year,
  5. if Novartis provided funds in the previous period, a report detailing how these funds were used.

All applications received will be discussed and evaluated by the appropriate Novartis employees. All applicants will receive feedback after the receipt of all required information. Novartis may request additional or more detailed information regarding applications at any time during the grant proceedings.

Novartis has the right to disclose information about the grant at any time, including the name of the recipient, its purpose and the amount provided.

The submission of an application does not constitute a right to the provision of a grant.

Please send any questions to the email address: [email protected]