COVID-19 information

Novartis continues to monitor developments in the situation regarding COVID 19, where the health and safety of our employees and patients is our highest priority. In a consortium with our partners, we are participating in research and development activities, supporting communities that have been hardest hit and ensuring a stable supply of our medicinal products. For more information about Novartis’ global engagement, please visit our global website (in English) here.

Novartis response to COVID-19

With the onset of the global crisis, we quickly mobilised our research and development capacities, clinical trial expertise, our drug portfolio and financial resources in order to help fight the pandemic caused by the new type of coronavirus.

Donation of medicines and price commitment

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We have pledged to donate up to 130 million doses of hydroxycholoroquine to fight the global pandemic and Sandoz, a manufacturer of generic and biosimilar products in the Novartis group, has pledged to maintain the stable price of vital pharmaceuticals that could help treat COVID 19.

Global financial support

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Novartis has created a COVID 19 Response Fund, which will distribute USD 20 million around the world to support communities most affected by the pandemic. We have already received over CZK 6.9 million from the fund to support projects in the Czech Republic. Among other things, these resources will help to provide care for the children of healthcare workers, purchase protective equipment for retirement homes, purchase pulmonary ventilators and oximeters for several hospitals, and create information materials for the high-risk group of cancer patients.

Research and development

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We are also making efforts to utilise our capabilities in research and development, as well as expanding production. We are collaborating with external partners, including the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator project, coordinated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and MasterCard.

Clinical trials

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We are investigating whether pharmaceuticals in our portfolio can also be used to treat patients infected with the coronavirus. Novartis is sponsoring a study that will help evaluate the potential use of hydroxycholoroquine for these purposes.