How to cope with a disease? Our patient portals help you understand specialist information and scientific facts.
Rodina na výletě v přírodě

Hand on Heart — a website that helps people with heart failure

Learn more about heart failure and how to live with it day to day. With the right attitude and the right information, you can still lead a good life.

Mladá pacientka v ordinaci lékařky

Life in the Starring Role — a website that helps people with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is not about forgetfulness in old age. On the contrary, it largely affects young people between the ages of 20 and 40. It manifests differently in each person. Learn how to live a happy a life despite this disease.

Kůže a klouby - mladá žena ukazuje ruku s kostmi jako smbol revmatologie

Skin and Joints — a website that helps people with dermatological and rheumatological diseases

Learn the specific aspects of these diseases, their context and factors which could mitigate their impact and improve your life.

lékařka vysvětluje dětské pacientce jak používat inhalátor

My Inhaler — a website that helps people using inhalation systems

Find your inhalation system and check whether you’re following the right procedure.