Support for patient organizations

Within the framework of the grant procedure, health establishments, scientific, non-profit and patient organizations can apply for funding to support their projects in the Czech Republic. Grant award is decided by the grant committee of the company. 

For more information, visit „Grant Management.“

Days of volunteering

Since 2005, we have been organizing the "Community Partnership Day" every year. Volunteer days have been taking place all over the world since 1996, as a celebration of the founding day of Novartis. It is a day when employees help social institutions, nonprofit organizations and people around us.

Our other activities include one-time contributions to natural disasters. We have provided assistance, for example, to the “Červený kříž” in the earthquake in Japan and in Haiti, or to “Člověk v tísni” during floods in 2013.

Supporting innovative research and development in the Czech Republic

We want to support, in particular, the young generation of researchers and motivate them to work further in the Czech Republic. Therefore, in 2011, we launched the annual award to young researchers up to 40 years of age. This Discovery Award was founded to promote science and research in the field of medicine and pharmacy. We want to support bold and innovative actions that will improve the quality of life of patients while pointing to the innovative potential of Czech health and pharmacy. 

You can find out more about this initiative directly on the contest pages ?

Environmental Protection

The key business for us is that we strive to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. It is also important for us to care for natural resources, which include, in particular, consistent control of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. At our branch in Prague, we contribute to protecting the environment, for example, by sorting waste. As part of this initiative, we joined the "Responsible Company" project in 2013, which was prepared by the authorized packaging company EKO-KOM. EKO-KOM has created and operates efficiently a nationwide system ensuring the sorting, recycling and recovery of packaging waste on a European quality level.

Ethics in business

We follow strict ethical principles in all of our commercial, social and environmental activities. As a member company of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) and the Czech Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (ČAFF), we also adhere to their applicable codes of ethics. To learn more about AIFP and ČAFF, please visit or click here.

In 2011, we became a member of the "Business for Society" platform. It brings together companies that promote healthy personal development. We have ranked alongside many other national and multinational companies that have a positive impact on their surroundings. At the global level, we are a member of the CSR Europe network with which we work in the Czech Republic through the Business for Business platform.

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Social responsibility in the world

Patients are always in the first place for us.

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Novartis provides financial support only to certified charity organizations or other non-profit / government organizations.

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