Our core mission at Novartis is to improve and extend people’s lives and to lead the way in the use of data and digital technologies. This is why we have launched a new information portal for doctors and are offering a source of new information and platform for further education. We believe that by creating expert content for doctors, we are fulfilling a part of our mission.

The portal is designed for healthcare professionals. It offers free, up-to-date and verified professional information organised according to therapeutic areas. To access the portal’s content, you must first register on the website at www.muj.novartis.cz.

Žena pracující na notebooku

The portal also features the following:

  • Reports from professional events
  • Brochures and educational materials for patients
  • Professional articles available to download
  • Links to current recommended practices
  • Details of medicines, dosages and interactive SPCs
  • Invitations to events and the option of automatically adding reminders to your calendar
  • Interactive tools for more efficient work

How do I register?

  • Fill in the registration form via your email account
  • Use the PIN given to you by your Novartis representative