Innovative Medicine Division

Thanks to our innovative medicines, Novartis is a world-renowned company. Novartis develops medicines that are protected by patents and sold only on prescription. These medications meet the high health requirements of patients, doctors and healthcare organizations.

The Innovative Medicines division is one of the leading companies in the industry and is divided into two Business Units:

  • Pharmaceuticals (general medicine)
  • Oncology (onkologie)


The portfolio of this business unit includes the following therapeutic areas:

Cardio-Metabolic and Respiratory

  • cardiology
  • diabetology
  • pneumology

Neuroscience, Immunology and Dermatology

  • neurology/psychiatry
  • imunology/dermatology/rheumatology/transplantology


  • ophthalmology


The portfolio of this business unit provides patients with cancer with a wide range of therapeutic and practical solutions for cancer treatment, which is further divided into these therapeutic areas:



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