BioCamp 2024: Reimagine Medicine with Radioligand Therapies – Cutting-edge science meets next generation technologies

Calling all aspiring innovators and future visionaries! Prepare to dive into the cutting-edge realm of Radioligand Therapy (RLT), where breakthrough solutions are reshaping the landscape of medicines. Get ready to join us and experience creativity meeting science and business merging with latest trends in innovation. Collaborate with industry leaders, uncover the latest trends, and discover how your ideas can drive transformative change in cancer treatment. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the next big breakthrough in medicine. Apply now and let your ideas shape the future!

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Join us to shape the future of innovative science, business and technology

BioCamp is an established event that brings together top students from STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and business, with distinguished experts and top managers. It is a unique opportunity to gain direct insight into the world of research and international business environment within the innovative pharmaceutical industry.

BioCamp Slovenia 2024

Join us in Slovenia to meet with your peers and top experts and get in touch with the future of healthcare.

At BioCamp 2024, we will focus on radioligand therapies (RLTs) as one of the new technology platforms for innovative therapeutics. We will highlight the need for innovative approaches and a broad range of knowledge and expertise that are needed throughout the process of discovery, development, production, marketing and ultimate delivery of breakthrough medicines to patients.

Apply for BioCamp 2024 and…

  • connect science, business and technology for the benefit of the patients
  • gain insight into the professional and business environment of the global innovative pharmaceutical industry,
  • collaborate to discover and design innovative business solutions for actual challenges in the pharma industry,
  • interact with key experts and leading managers,
  • have an opportunity to network with top selected students from other countries,
  • get to know our organization and explore career opportunities at Novartis.

Who can apply?

We invite university students in life-sciences and technology, business and finance from final year pre-graduate studies, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral studies, to apply for BioCamp 2024. Fluency in English is required as the event will be held in.

Up to 35 selected students will be chosen based on their academic excellence, professional experience and extra-curricular activities.

Get a glimpse of the event in the short video from last year's BioCamp

BioCamp Alumni shares their experience of the event

For more information you can contact us: [email protected]

Applications are closed.

For BioCamp 2024 participants, Novartis will cover all accommodation costs and meals for all days of the event (September 22 – 25).