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Novartis Indonesia Donates IDR 7.4 Billion for COVID-19 Handling

Jakarta, April 24, 2020 – Play an active role in partnering with medical communities and government in improving the healthcare condition is in our DNA. In view of the development of COVID-19 in Indonesia, Novartis Indonesia is taking part in giving back to society by donating IDR 7.4 billion (USD$500.000) through the Special Taskforce for Acceleration of COVID-19 handling to help ease handling of the pandemic. The donation is presented by Jorge Wagner, President Director of PT Novartis Indonesia to Doni Monardo, Head of Special Taskforce for Acceleration of COVID-19 handling, who is also Head of BNPB, in Jakarta.

Novartis Indonesia donation is part of Novartis AG Response Funds in the total amount of USD$20 million for immediate response and recovery efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic to impacted countries.

Jorge Wagner said, “It hurts me deeply to see how Indonesia suffers from this COVID-19 pandemic. Every day we see the dramatic increase of new confirmed cases and the rise of the death toll. We wish to help specially to ensure that the medical communities and healthcare workers are well protected while treating these patients.”

Demonstrating its role as good corporate citizen, Novartis Indonesia is doing its part to ensure its employees are stay at home and work from home while adhering the physical and social distancing. “At the same time, we urged to contribute in a larger scale. The Global Fund has granted us with IDR 7.4 billion to be channeled through the Special Taskforce for Acceleration of COVID-19 Handling. We are convinced that our donation will be properly used by the Special Task Force to provide protection for the healthcare communities in giving the best treatment for the patients”.

“We would like take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all healthcare workers for their commitment and hard work during these difficult times,” Jorge added.

Egy Massadiah, BNPB Expert Staff of Indonesia's Special Task Force for the COVID-19 Handling, highly appreciate Novartis Indonesia’s efforts in helping COVID-19 management in Indonesia. “We do hope that the actions taken by corporations such as Novartis can be a role model to be followed by others, and together we can overcome this pandemic quicker.”

According to Egy, what we need now to resolve the spread of COVID-19 is to unite and work together. “We will channeled the donation we received to help our medical society as the frontline, nurses, ambulance drivers, and janitors in the hospitals. Once again, thank you for your donation,” said Egy.