Faces behind Novartis

Jul 08, 2019

At Novartis our commitment and promise to Canadian patients is to reimagine healthcare solutions to address the evolving needs of Canadians. We live up to this promise because of the many talented individuals who are part of our team. Each Novartis associate works at the company for a different reason. They each have their story to tell about what motivates them and what inspires them in their work.    Meet some of the Faces behind Novartis to get to know some of us better.

As the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Ophthalmology Franchise, Manon has busy days.  She is there to help the team on many levels and take on each day with a smile and with pride. Five years ago, Manon and a group of colleagues had the idea to create a community garden at Novartis. Today, there are four gardens that are tended to by 25 employees.

Anie is the Marketing Director, Cell & Gene Therapies. She joined Novartis over 13 years ago and is as passionate about her work today as when she first started in the company. Patients are top of mind for Annie and what drives her is the knowledge that her work can make a difference in a patient’s life. She is passionate about the research and clinical trials that help bring much needed innovation and solutions.

If you ask Kelly what it’s like to work for the same company for more than 20 years, she’ll tell you with three words: culture, community and family. This is what keeps her going at Novartis and this is what she believes Novartis stands for. As the Manager, Pharma Integrity & Compliance, Kelly works on various projects with many groups to ensure high standards for each project are met.

For Melissa it was important to work for a company that shares her beliefs and values. Growing up she heard from her mother, who worked as a nurse, about how Novartis has a strong patient focus and values their employees. Years later Melissa became a Novartis associate and experiences first-hand how these values are put into practice. Today she is a Senior Order to Pay Analyst and a mother of two who is enthusiastic about the collaborative work culture and work-life balance.

Brad’s story began when he was a Business Analyst intern who eventually moved into a part time position. Today, he’s a full time Novartis associate working for a company that motivates him and allows him to discover new things in his job each day.