What is the Novartis Health Equity Initiative?
The Novartis Health Equity Initiative is a fund created to help tackle persistent health disparities and promote equal access to healthcare in Canada. The initiative focuses primarily on projects by eligible organizations aimed at addressing the following health equity areas of focus: 

  • Social and cultural inclusivity of care
    • Significant health inequalities remain entrenched among Indigenous peoples, sexual and racial minorities and people living with functional limitations.
  • Health literacy and education
    • Many people identify a ‘lack of information, changing health recommendations and contradictory advice’ as key barriers to improving their health.
  • Health support for newly arrived immigrants
    • New immigrants may experience a decline in the quality of their health after arriving in Canada due to a lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate information and services, and experiences of racism in the healthcare system.

By focusing on these areas, Novartis Canada aims to support innovative ways of addressing disparity and create measurable lasting, positive impacts on health outcomes. We invite all eligible organizations that share our passion for advancing health equity to apply for funding.

Who Can Apply?
We invite all duly registered charitable/non-profit organizations that share our passion for advancing health equity to apply for funding. 
A single organization has the option to submit multiple applications.

Submission Timings
To be considered for funding, all applicants must complete the online application by September 15, 2024 (11:59 PM PT). All relevant information and guidelines for funding applications can be found here
We are committed to making the application process accessible to all. If you require additional support, application adjustment or have questions about our methodology, please email [email protected] so we can provide further clarity and support. 

Submission Timings 
The application portal formally opened on July 8, 2024.
All applications must have been received by September 15, 2024 (11:59 PM PT) to be considered. 
Funding decisions will be confirmed by October 2024.
Successful applicants will receive the allocated funds by December 2024.

Our Commitment to Improving Health Equity in Canada.

At Novartis Canada, we are committed to advancing health equity as an essential component of our mission to reimagine medicine. 

We recognize the urgent need to address the deep-rooted disparities that still exist within our healthcare system, including inequalities related to access, delivery, and outcomes. Addressing health equity requires strategies that reduce socioeconomic disparities, promote culturally sensitive care, enhance access to services and address the specific needs of marginalized populations.

Confronting the social determinants of health is crucial in this endeavour, as these unseen barriers often result in persistent inequity. As such, our commitment extends beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare, embracing the power of community voices and cross-sector partnerships to co-create solutions that deliver genuine and lasting equity.

To deliver meaningful change, we are working with underserved groups, organizations, and communities. These partnerships help amplify our collective efforts to improve health outcomes in Canada and pave the way towards a more just and equitable health system.

To build skills and capacity to develop the health equity initiative, Novartis consulted and received training from Equity Mobilizing Partnerships in Community (EMPaCT).  an innovative, award-winning model of patient and community engagement housed at Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, Canada. EMPaCT acts as a catalyst for positive change by providing timely recommendations to projects so that they can increase health equity. By engaging with EMPaCT, The Novartis Health Equity Initiative has been designed to be responsive to the health inequities experienced by many people and communities in Canada.

Learn more about Health Equity in Canada.