Team Meeting East Hanover

We believe that by bringing the right expertise and capabilities to the table we can work together to challenge status quo and develop innovative solutions that will create a more efficient and connected healthcare system for Canadians.

We facilitate dynamic partnerships and collaboration that help deliver impactful healthcare solutions for better patient outcomes. ​

BIOME by Novartis acts as a connector and facilitator, and we bring the best ideas and the best capabilities to the table to help power healthcare innovation at scale in Canada.

BIOME Summit

Launched in 2021, the BIOME Summit is not a typical conference, but an engaging experience focused on bringing the top healthcare ecosystem partners together to get inspired, connect, collaborate and find solutions to challenges we are all facing, using collective intelligence and partnership mindset to improve patient and system experiences together. Stay tuned to discover the 2025 edition!

BIOME Solutions Lab

The BIOME Solutions Lab has been established to promote cross functional collaboration between Novartis teams and external ecosystem partners.

It provides and environment for continuous ideation, learning, and innovation that will inspire and empower us to think outside of the box, explore new possibilities and develop future-focused solutions.

Our Use Cases

Digital Enablement Strategy and Plan

Is there an opportunity to leverage digital and data to optimize and accelerate the desired objectives?

Assessment of Digital Solution and Vendor

Does this digital solution/product meet the needs of the business and is there value in our investment?

Thought Leadership and Education​

How do we provoke new innovative ways of thinking and working, and what are the emerging trends in data and smart technology?

BIOME Collaboration Space

How do we use the Collaboration Space to create meaningful moments with our staff and partners?

Connecting Ecosystem Partners​

How can we bring ecosystem partners together to identify challenges, co-design solutions and share lessons learned?

Building Awareness and Market Presence

How do we showcase and celebrate our partnerships, products and valuable contributions to the health system?

Meet the BIOME Team from Novartis

Rodrigo Teixeira
VP, Business Excellence
& Execution
Vinna Vong
Head, Patient
Experience & Innovation
Clementine Lachaud
Lead, Biome & Digital
Health Solutions
Sam Koirala
Lead, Biome & Digital
Health Solutions

Let's power the next great innovation together. Contact us for more information: [email protected]