Project Name: Northern Ireland General Practice Heart Failure QOF Register Review Collaborative Working

Project Summary:

The Collaborative working will improve the accuracy of read coding for existing Heart Failure patients and aim to find those with a missing diagnosis through reviewing patients who have Heart Failure associated risk factors. The benefits include data cleansing and validation of the Heart Failure QOF registers, increasing QOF outcome generation and ultimately, this benefit patients through better diagnosis, review and improved management.

As part of the Project, ICS are performing register reviews in 12 GP practices across Northern Ireland, with Dr Cardwell and Partners of Shankill Road Surgery being one of these. The practice will provide Interface Clinical Services (“ICS”) with access to all patient records within the GP Practice to facilitate the Heart Failure QOF register review. Using the report provided by ICS, the practice will review all appropriate patient records and create a Heart Failure management plan for each patient to improve their Heart Failure care. Services provided by ICS will be funded by Novartis.

Planned Milestones:

Milestones with Dr Cardwell and Partners of Shankill Road Surgery

Dr Cardwell Planned Milestones

Overall Project Milestones

Dr Cardwell Planned Milestones

Expected Benefits:

The benefits to the patient include:

  • Proactive assessment and earlier detection of Heart Failure

  • Greater opportunity for initiation and optimisation of evidence-based Heart Failure therapies

  • Improvement in quality of care

  • Improved experience of the Heart Failure service

The benefits to the relevant NHS GP practice include:

  • data cleansing and validation of QOF

  • increasing QOF outcome generation

The benefits to Novartis include:

  • Creation of  more opportunities for the appropriate use of cardiology licensed medicines in line with NICE and clinical guidelines, including Novartis’ medicine

  • Better understanding of customers’ and patients’ needs specific to the management of Heart Failure but indeed more widely

  • Greater insight into the practical challenges and workings of delivering a high quality and sustainable Heart Failure Service

  • Improved reputation

Start Date & Duration: 

Dr Cardwell and Partners of Shankill Road Surgery
Start date: June 2022
Duration: 2 months from commencement of services being provided by ICS

Overall Collaborative Working Project
Start date: April 2022
Duration: up to 13 months

June 2022