Project Name: EPIC Smartform with Neuroimmunological Data Elements Roll Out

Project Summary:

Over approximately the next two years, the CW Partner is leading on a programme of works across 12 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) specialist sites based in the United Kingdom to improve how MS data is entered and processed.

This will be accomplished by a multi-disciplinary team, including the MS lead from each of the 12 MS specialist sites, research assistants and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working to improve the following key areas:

  • Data entry into the EPIC platform (a proprietary electronic medical records software application) to capture structured data efficiently. 
  • Gather MS patient consent to automatically upload MS patient information to MS registries.
  • Automatic upload of MS patient information to a trial eligibility tracker and national and international MS patient registries.

Due to the size of this development, the scope of this project sits within a wider programme of works being conducted by the CW Partner and the other MS specialist sites for which alternate funding has been secured. The wider project aims to leverage existing technology to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical care for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the United Kingdom and to increase MS patient data upload to MS registries. This will be achieved by.

  • Improvement of the Trust’s performance in the collection and sharing of MS-specific information - a currently unmet need.
  • Back Filling of currently diagnosed MS patient’s data into the EPIC system.
  • Development of new processes within the EPIC platform to:
  1. Reduce time spent ordering and monitoring disease-modifying therapies in people with MS
  2. Increase number of patients discussed in each weekly MDT
  3. Reduce time on MS-related administration

Funding for the necessary updates to the EPIC platform has been procured from the National Institute for Health & Care Research (NIHR)

The scope of Novartis’s involvement will be the provision of 2 Band 5 Research Assistants as identified by the CWP to backfill 5,500 patient details, as follows; 

One Band 5 research Assistant for a period of 18 months

One band 5 research Assistant for a period of 24 months

Planned Milestones:

  1. Project Kick off. 
  2. Initiation of recruitment of 2 Band 5 Research Assistants 
  3. Completion of recruitment of 2 Band 5 Research Assistants 
  4. On Boarding completed for the 2 band 5 Research assistants 
  5. Collection of baseline data and implementation of SOPs to ensure standardised backfilling of patient data. 
  6. Data readout of 3 months activity.
  7. Data readout of 6 months activity.
  8. Data readout of 9 months activity.
  9. Data readout of 12 months activity.
  10. Data readout of 15 months activity.
  11. Confirmation of submission of project to ECTRIMS 2026
  12. Data readout of 18 months activity.
  13. Data readout of 21 months activity.
  14. Data readout of 24 months activity
  15. Confirmation of completion backfilling of current MS patients’ data and provision of end of project report.
  16. Completion and publication of outcomes summary

Expected Benefits:

Anticipated benefits for patients

This project will improve clinical data quality, thereby assisting the MS clinical teams:

  • To enable increased numbers of patients to be seen in clinic   

  • Increase patient access to the full treatment/ management pathway by improving identification of candidates for clinical trials (where appropriate) 

  • Enable earlier intervention when abnormal test results are seen. 

  • To enhance pathway mapping and highlight opportunities to:

  • Enhance patient experience via improvements to patient flow.

  • Reduce and minimise of delays patients experience when transitioning from one treatment line.

  • Improve patients’ outcomes- Through increased clinic capacity related to improved pathway efficiency and effectiveness.

Anticipated benefits for the CW Partner

  • Development of data capture tool to accurately capture quantitative and qualitative patients’ clinical data.  

  • Improved segmentation of the patient population to support improved clarity on the eligibility for trials.

  • Increase in clinic capacity for service provision.

  • Improved data to support future analysis and research projects.

  • Improved contribution to National and International MS registries.

  • Improved administration capacity for all clinical staff

Anticipated Benefits for Novartis

  • This project will support Novartis’ reputation and vision to make an impact in    patients’ life by enhancing productivity and efficiency within the NHS.

  • Ethical, professional, and transparent relationship between Novartis and the NHS.

  • Better understanding of overall customers’ and patients’ needs.

  • Optimal use of NICE approved medicines (including Novartis medicines) in appropriate patients.

Start Date & Duration: November 2023 for 31 months.