20 September 2023
  • Novartis in Slovenia received a gold award for a process innovation that improves productivity, efficiency and increases flexibility in the production of biological molecules.
  • Novartis experts in Slovenia are among the regular recipients of awards for innovative achievements at the regional and national level, which have been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (GZS) for more than 20 years.
  • With innovations, Novartis is consolidating its position among the most innovative companies in Slovenia and beyond.

Ljubljana, September 20, 2023 – The Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia awarded the most innovative achievements at the national level. Among the recipients were also experts of Novartis in Slovenia, who received a gold award for innovation in the field of biological medicines.

Novartis received the national gold award of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia for innovative achievements for a process innovation that improves productivity, efficiency and increases the flexibility of the production of biological molecules and is more environmentally sustainable. The implemented breakthrough technology promotes competitiveness and makes biological medicines more accessible to a wider patient population.

"Biological drugs are complex drugs, they are usually used to treat more serious diseases, for example diseases of the immune system and cancer. The availability of biological medicines to a wider population of patients significantly contributes to the improvement of health and quality of life, therefore, in recent years, in the field of development and production of biological medicines, there has been a great emphasis on a faster, more efficient and more cost effective development and production process. This is also the essential contribution of our innovation," stressed Dr. Ajda Trdin, expert researcher in the Technical Development of Biological Medicines Mengeš and leading scientist in the award-winning innovation, and added: "It is important to emphasize that it is a joint achievement of experts from the Technical Development of Biological Medicines Mengeš and Drug Substance Bio Production Mengeš. This proofes the strength of the end-to-end operation in the field of biologics at the Novartis site in Mengeš."

Innovation and development are at the heart of Novartis operations both globally and in Slovenia. Slovenian teams are involved in the development and production phases of many Novartis breakthrough medicines. It is the expertise and achievements of colleagues in Slovenia, who have been recognized and appreciated at Novartis from the very beginning, that are the basis for further investments and dynamic growth of the company. By transforming into a focused pharmaceutical company for innovative medicines that address the biggest health challenges in society with innovative approaches in science and the use of advanced technologies, they strive to bring innovative therapeutic solutions to as many people as possible. "Sincere congratulations to our colleagues who, by receiving the golden national award for innovation, once again proved that we belong to the very top of Slovenian innovators and, most importantly, with their exceptional knowledge and curiosity, they contribute daily to better accessibility of biological medicines to patients in Slovenia and globally," emphasized Jana Petek, CEO of Novartis d.o.o.

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