Novartis works with the patient community around the world to discover new ways to improve and extend people’s lives. Our significant investment in research and development underpins our commitment to using science-based innovation to address some of society's most challenging healthcare issues. Only by working together can we improve outcomes for patients and change the practice of medicine.

Patient organizations

contributed to its development.



representing the participating patient organizations.

105 533

Novartis employees¹

own it as an aspiration to embed the perspective of patients and caregivers systematically in our decision-making.

Four pillars of our Commitment

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Respecting and understanding the patient community perspective

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Expanding access to our medicines

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Conducting responsible clinical trials

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Recognizing the importance of transparency and reporting

We recognize the importance of patients and caregivers understanding what they can expect from Novartis.

Our Commitment – reporting 2022 progress


Early research programs

in general medicines obtained patient insights before first-in-human trials (healthy volunteers).

7 302

Patients reached through managed access programs²

94% requests approved for 55 compounds in 80 countries - providing access to locally unlicensed Novartis medicines. At the end of 2022, more than 9 700 patients were receiving treatment through MAPs.


Clinical development programs³

comprising 85 clinical trials, had a patient engagement component to obtain the patient perspective on the design and/or conduct of clinical trials.


Clinical trials

included Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) conducted in 77 countries.


Simplified summaries⁴

from Phase 1-4 clinical trials sent to investigators to share with 35 500 trial participants and posted on



reached through access programs

  1. 2022 data
  3. Patient engagement component defined as interaction with patients to seek input, advice or guidance.
  5. Includes patients reached with medicines through Novartis Global Health, as well as patients reached with support programs, emerging market brands and donations.