Our human resource policy highlights the principles of cooperation, development and excellence. We support fundamental business orientations aimed at a high level of innovation, growth and productivity improvement. At the same time, we create an environment that supports the diversity and freedom of employees.

Hybrid work models

Encouraged by the Novartis Choice with Responsible working model, our associates (considering the nature of their work) are empowered to decide how, where and when they will perform their work. They can also choose to work from home. By implementing new working models, we improve cooperation, flexibility and efficiency of our associates, while continuing to put their safety first.

Development and training

The development of our colleagues is planned strategically. There are many tools at their disposal for achieving growth, e.g., the Coursera program, TalentMatch platform. We enable them to develop their career together with mentors. We also have special programs for researchers. An important element is learning through experience in different job positions. As a global company, we offer opportunities for professional development, leadership and working with people in countries around the world.

Our associates can participate in:

  • regular training programs prescribed in the Training Catalog,
  • tailored workshops according to the needs of the target group,
  • formal forms of education, such as in-service studies,
  • non-formal forms of education.