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Novartis is one of the largest employers in Slovenia. We employ more than 3 500 full-time employees and we are constantly increasing this number. Almost half of our leadership positions are held by women.

In accordance with Novartis diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, we respect and promote the cultural, ethnic and gender diversity of our employees. We nurture an open collaborative culture and a stimulating work environment. We encourage innovative, outside the box thinking and mindset.

We are aware that development and progress are only possible with motivated colleagues, which is why we create a pleasant and safe working environment. With ongoing investments, we are establishing the conditions for new, advanced forms of work with active work solutions that follow Novartis' efforts to continuously improve the working environment.

We invest a lot in the development and education and training of our employees. We have been actively co-creating the Slovenian development and research space for decades. We cooperate with Slovenian universities and centers of excellence. We successfully connect economy and science.

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