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Reporting side effects

Report a suspected side effect (also known as an adverse event) related to a Novartis Pharmaceutical drug or a Novartis Vaccine.

Reporting side effects

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Science education

One of our challenges as a healthcare company is to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists — building a talent pool that will hopefully one day discover and develop new medicines.

Novartis has established fellowship, internship and exchange programs with universities and research institutions in Africa to build scientific capability, ultimately enabling developing countries to discover vaccines and medicines for diseases that are prevalent locally. We also provide scientific education for underprivileged groups.

Our efforts in action

Novartis International Biotechnology Camp

We also bring together selected top students from science and business universities from around the world through our annual Novartis International Biotechnology Leadership Camp (BioCamp).

Learn more about BioCamp

Novartis Science Lab and Program at LINK Community School

Novartis works to inspire the next generation of innovators. The Novartis US Foundation sponsored the creation of the Novartis Science Lab and Program at LINK Community School, an independent middle school established to help provide an outstanding education for adolescents from economically disadvantaged families in Newark, New Jersey.

Global Health Equity Symposium focusing on scientific capability development

The Global Health Equity Symposium brings together scientists and clinicians from the developing world to understand the challenges and needs of these countries. The most recent symposium focused on a new, more effective approach of increasing science and technology capabilities in Africa and how we can work together to address medical needs on the African continent.

Helping students to advance in science

Novartis scientists mentor middle school students from the Cambridgeport School near Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S. Scientists and students meet and email throughout the school year focusing on science assignments that culminate with a science fair and graduation. The students are inquisitive and want to know how things work in everyday life. Their interactions with their Novartis mentors keep them excited about technology and scientific explanations of everyday phenomenon.

Educational Workshops

Novartis also conducts educational workshops for scientists and educators from developing countries who are interested in the fundamental principles of drug discovery, preclinical research and clinical trial design. In 2012, such workshops were held in Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe, and in 2013 will be offered in Nigeria and Ethiopia. In addition, Novartis offers workshops in clinical areas, for example cardiovascular trainings for physicians in Zambia.

Gap Year Scholar

The Gap Year Scholar Program is a one-to-two year post-baccalaureate program at NIBR in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is designed to provide research training opportunities for highly talented students from historically underserved communities to gain research experience and increase their competitiveness for top biomedical PhD programs.