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+41 61 324 11 11
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Monday - Friday,
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. GMT+1

US switchboard

+1 862 778 21 00
Monday - Friday,
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST


Global Media Relations
Eric Althoff
Basel, Switzerland

+41 61 324 7999


Investor Relations

Monday - Friday,
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. GMT+1
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Reporting side effects

Report a suspected side effect (also known as an adverse event) related to a Novartis Pharmaceutical drug or a Novartis Vaccine.

Reporting side effects

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Philanthropy and foundations

Our philanthropic efforts are global and broad in scope, and we support communities through development projects, emergency relief, contributions to schools and universities, research prizes, and the underwriting of local cultural events and sports teams.

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (NFSD)

The Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (NFSD) forms a central part of the Novartis corporate responsibility portfolio. Through NFSD, we collaborate with stakeholders to improve health and living conditions in the developing world. The Novartis Foundation plans and supports projects designed to strengthen and secure essential healthcare provision for the poor in developing countries. Through events and publications, it seeks to promote dialogue on development policy between public and private-sector institutions. By means of scientific analyses, it helps to define the nature and limits of corporate social responsibility, particularly for pharmaceutical companies.

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development
Novartis Campus
4002 Basel
+41 61 69 62300
+41 61 69 62333

Novartis Venture Fund

With an initial venture capital of CHF 100 million, the Venture Fund supports new business projects that show exemplary entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in future-oriented areas, especially life sciences and new technologies.

Martina Blank
Office Manager
Novartis Venture Funds
Novartis International AG, Forum 1- 3.73
P.O. Box, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland
+41 61 324 32 67
+41 61 324 86 79

Novartis US Foundation

The Novartis US Foundation was established in 1997 as part of Novartis Corporation's commitment to social investment in the US. Its primary purpose is to support efforts among communities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations on a range of social, health, and education issues related to healthcare.

Roslyn Patterson
Novartis Corporation
230 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10020 USA
+1 212 830 2443

Novartis Foundation

The Novartis Foundation, formerly the Ciba-Geigy Jubilee Foundation, sponsors and encourages young scientists in Switzerland. Through its support for research projects, it contributes to the preservation and strengthening of Switzerland as a "research laboratory."

Novartis Jubilee Foundation
Fabrikstrasse 6-2­.­22­
CH-4002 Basel
+41 61 324 90 88