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Reporting side effects

Report a suspected side effect (also known as an adverse event) related to a Novartis Pharmaceutical drug or a Novartis Vaccine.

Reporting side effects

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Key performance indicators

Corporate responsibility key performance indicators 2013

Expanding access to healthcare1
Total patients reached with Novartis products (millions)1 1 215
Patients reached through access to healthcare programs (millions) 103.6
Value of access to healthcare programs (USD millions) 2 126

Doing business responsibly
Full-time equivalent positions 135 696
Resignations (incl. retirements), separations, hiring (% of associates) 8; 4; 18
Women in management3: % of management; % of Board of Directors 38%; 14.3%
Number of associate nationalities 155
Lost-time injury and illness rate (LTIR)4,5 (per 200 000 hours worked) 0.12
Total recordable case rate (TRCR) 4,5,6 (per 200 000 hours worked) 0.42
Transportation-related injuries leading to lost time4,5 26
Contact water use, excluding cooling water (million m3)7 17.3
Energy use (million GJ), on site and purchased5,7 20.0
GHG emissions, Scope 1 vehicles (1000 t)5,7 170
GHG emissions, total Scope 1, including vehicles, and Scope 2 (1000 t)5,7 1 626
Total operational waste not recycled (1000 t), hazardous and non-hazardous5,7 138
Active Novartis associates with email addresses trained and certified on Code of Conduct via e-learning courses8 113 092
Cases of misconduct reported; substantiated9 1 501; 768
Dismissals and resignations related to misconduct9 357
Number of suppliers posing an elevated risk under Responsible Procurement10 357
Suppliers with active follow up10,11 129
Suppliers audited10,12 28

  1. See access table for additional detail
  2. 2013 and 2012 number not fully comparable to previous years due to methodology changes
  3. Management defined locally. Data source % of management: FirstPort (Local Mgmt.Flag) as of December 2013
  4. Excludes data for contractors
  5. Alcon data included in Group figures from 2011 onwards
  6. Includes all work-related injury and illness, whether leading to lost time or not
  7. For details on environment see:
  8. Prior to 2012: e-training was given to new hires only and certification was only required from all US associates as well as all managers worldwide
  9. Figures of previous years have been updated to reflect completion of outstanding investigation.
  10. On April 1, 2013, Responsible Procurement (RP) was launched and replaced the former Third-Party Management Program (including KPIs). RP includes new suppliers, products, services or sites from existing suppliers. Figures include data on labor rights, HSE and animal welfare only.
  11. A ctive follow-up includes information requests or audits commissioned to gauge labor rights, HSE or animal welfare standards.
  12. Suppliers’ labor rights, HSE or animal welfare audits