Project Name: University Hospital of North Midlands Clinical Nurse Specialist (“CNS”) led Myeloproliferative neoplasms (“MPN”) Clinic Service Development Joint Working Project

Joint Working Project Summary:

The JWP aims to improve the current haematology service by providing a Band 7 dedicated MPN CNS who will enable the initiation of a virtual MPN clinic, a new MPN nurse-led clinic and a new MPN telephone clinic. The MPN CNS position will be co-funded by Novartis and UHNM, and will improve patients’ outcomes by offering MPN specific support, specifically:

  1. ensuring equitable access to and improved care for MPN patients across UHNM;
  2. improving patient care by stratifying patients into different models of care that better reflect the patient needs;
  3. enhancing patient experience by providing bespoke healthcare needs assesments (“HNAs”) and monitoring patient service satisfaction. Patients will receive CNS support in terms of education on their disease, support with treatments, disease progression and treatment review;
  4. capturing and using project service data to demonstrate whether and how the new expanded service is benefitting patients and that the role will be financially sustainable for the Trust; and
  5. offering clinical trials to suitable patients.

Expected Patient Benefits:

  • A specialised and tailored nurse-led clinic service for MPN patients. The CNS will  build relationships with the patients and provide a consistent point of contact for patients, resolve treatment issues, provide appropriate information and conduct follow-up phone calls;
  • Better access to individualised treatment plans and help for patients to understand their conditions and treatment goals;
  • Greater identification of MPN patients in need of a treatment review with reference to the European Leukaemia Net (“ELN”) recommendation and the British Society of Haematology (“BSH”) guidelines and the ability to expedite these reviews with clinicians through the freeing-up of their capacity;
  • Improve quality and consistency of care, patient satisfaction and experience;
  • Improve patient compliance and adherence to therapy.

Start Date & Duration: July 2021 – July 2023

UK | July 2021 | 264007