Project Name: Collaborative Working- Novartis Re-imagining Care Pathways Collaborative Working Project (NCRP CWP) for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Northern General Hospital Breast Cancer Service

Project Summary:
The Reimagining Care Pathways CWP is a service offered by Novartis, which comprises a series of workshops, with the aim of providing pathway mapping support to the CW Partner (healthcare and service teams) to:  

  1. Improve efficiency and service effectiveness for the benefit of patient care.
  2. Address the local challenges they face in the delivery of patient care. 

The programme facilitates area teams (Trust or ICS) to identify areas for efficiency within their service for prioritisation. The programme will be carried out in a number of different institutions. The service is facilitated by the Novartis Solutions Implementation Manager (SIM) Team.

Planned Milestones:

 Milestone DescriptionMilestone Delivery DateMilestone Evidence
1SIM & CW Partner’s key stakeholders 
Both parties agree the scope of the NRCP CWP and arrange the dates for the stakeholder’s interviews.  
Execution of collaborative working agreement (CWA) date +4 weeks SIM: Meeting minutes 
2SIM & CW Partner: 
Mapping the Pathway – 1:1 interviews (as a guide, allow 1 hour for each interview and aim to have them all completed within circa 4 weeks) 
Execution of collaborative working agreement (CWA) date +8 weeks SIM: Meeting minutes 
3SIM & CW Partner: 
Mapping the Pathway – Workshop (as a guide, circa 2 weeks from the last interview)  
Execution of collaborative working agreement (CWA) date +10 weeks SIM: Pathway Map 
4SIM & CW Partner: 
Feedback/Consultation with NHS post workshop (as a guide, no later than +4 weeks from workshop) 
Execution of collaborative working agreement (CWA) date +14 weeks SIM:
Final Pathway Map Report detailing any identified any unmet needs / efficiency constraints in their service. 
Meeting minutes 

Expected Benefits:

Anticipated benefits for patients:

We anticipate that some of the benefits for patients could include;

  • Potentially fewer visits and shorter waiting times as a result of a more efficient clinical pathway
  • Faster and more equitable access to the complete range of NICE approved treatment options.
  • Quality care improvements aligned to established best practices

Anticipated benefits for the organisation(s):

Improved understanding of the current service pathway, and associated efficiencies and inefficiencies. Potential to lead to solutions which could allow the CW Partner’s organisation to enhance both patient experience and outcomes. 

Anticipated benefits to Novartis:

Understanding of possible opportunities to partner with the CW Partner to enhance patient outcomes and experience. Better understanding of patients,’ carers and customers’ needs, which may inform future service offerings, and synergies between needs of the customer and value of Novartis offerings.  

Start Date & Duration: May 2024, 14 weeks

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