Key therapeutic areas of focus

Disease areas
  • Solidify and further strengthen our leadership position in Heart Failure with complementary therapies treating cardiovascular disease.
  • Invest in first-in-class, disease modifying and transformational therapies that treat a high unmet need in patients with diabetes, obesity, or atherosclerosis, where cardiovascular risk reduction is of primary importance.
  • Define a new market in NASH and fibrosis / cirrhosis leveraging best in class pipeline and developing best in class powerful combinations.
  • Immunology / Rheumatology – Disrupt existing SoC aiming beyond signs & symptoms to remission and prevention / repair of structural damage.
  • Dermatology – Expand lead in specialty dermatology beyond Cosentyx and Xolair and continue to build a leading portfolio in moderate-severe dermatological diseases.
  • Novartis’ musculoskeletal disease group is focused on developing therapies to treat diseases of the joint, bone and tendon as well as monogenic muscle diseases (e.g. myotonic dystrophies) and neuromuscular diseases (e.g. ALS, demyelination polyneuropathy and NMJ degeneration).
  • Novartis is committed to developing differentiated treatments addressing unmet needs in the Neuroscience area, including therapies for relapsing and progressive features of Multiple Sclerosis and disease modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.
  • We have an expanding presence in Specialty Neurology, including a portfolio of products in development for Migraine and Neuropathic Pain.
  • We are building a portfolio of therapies for devastating genetic neurological diseases.
  • Drive scientific leadership and grow our rare disease portfolio beyond Luxturna.
  • Continue to build our portfolio in retina, including therapeutics for intermediate AMD, and grow beyond our anchor anti-VEGF brands.
  • Focus on high unmet need and first-in-class, disease modifying medicines for Dry Eye, Refractive Disorders, Presbyopia and Myopia that have shown clinical proof-of-concept.
  • Discover and develop disease modifying glaucoma therapies that restore outflow and protect the optic nerve.
  • Develop and implement validated digital healthcare solutions that positively affect treatment outcomes and enhance patients' QoL.
  • Re-imagine innovative medicines that improve the management of renal diseases with a focus on fibrosis, inflammation and transplantation.
  • Develop, launch, and expand use of our first-in-class, transformational therapies for Asthma and COPD.
  • Re-imagine respiratory care by identifying, innovating, and applying novel digital solutions to improve diagnosis and management of respiratory conditions.
  • Enhance the Respiratory portfolio both with organic and BD&L growth opportunities to strengthen our market leadership position and meet the needs of new patients with interstitial and obstructive lung diseases.
  • The focus of Novartis BD&L in Oncology is to seek partnering opportunities that complement our current portfolio and bring to cancer patient’s therapies that address needs not fully met by currently available treatments.  Such opportunities may be agents targeted to specific biomarkers or other unique mechanisms. We explore opportunities in areas where Novartis has active efforts, such as breast and lung cancers, melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, and malignant hematology; and we seek to expand into other high-unmet need areas such as hepatocellular, pancreatic, colorectal, and prostate cancers and others.
  • Immuno-oncology research and development focuses on innovative immune-based cell therapies, and traditional therapeutics (or biologics and low molecular weight therapeutics) focused on (altering or de-repressing or modulating) the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.
  • The focus of Novartis BD&L in benign hematology is to seek partnering opportunities to significantly improve standard of care and cure patients in selected high unmet need in benign hematology diseases. The vision is to transform a number of disease specific classes not limited to hemophilia, complement disorders, anemia, sickle cell disease and thalassemia.
  • The Strategic Partnerships Team is a non-Franchise cross-functional team searching for trends in medicine outside of our current therapeutic footprint but that may be transformational.
Platforms and Technologies
  • The focus of Novartis BD&L in Cell & Gene is to seek partnering opportunities that complement our current portfolio. Our CART program, led by Kymriah, is the most advanced of our C&G programs and the first test of new C&G commercial models. Following CART, gene therapy applications in the eye and neurological indications represent the next significant market opportunity for C&G which we are pursuing.
  • Beyond the existing programs, there is a broad range of potential Cell & Gene therapy applications for which we are actively building new platform capabilities in therapeutics and advanced therapies.
  • Novartis is embarking with a strong Digital transformation commitment to establish a focused medicines company powered by data and digital. Strategic partnerships are a cornerstone to drive this transformation forward.
  • Precision Medicine develops biomarker to a Diagnostic alongside the drug (CDx or Co-Dx) in support of the entire Novartis Drug Portfolio (including commercial efforts).
  • Biomarker Genomics or Proteomics based, single or multi marker approach, specific interest in TMB and MRD.
  • Interested in innovative diagnostic platforms including NGS, Liquid Biopsies (ctDNA & CTCs) and others (such as imaging).
  • Strong relationship with Digital Technologies and Machine Learning.
  • Novartis’ biologics research and development strategy focuses on technologies that expand the therapeutic use of biologics including those that improve tissue penetration, therapeutic index, oral administration and enable access to intracellular targets. In addition, the strategy encompasses those technologies that improve manufacturing process, analytic and profiling capabilities.
  • Novartis’ discovery chemistry strategy focuses on technologies that expand and accelerate lead generation, allow access to traditionally challenging targets, and enable innovative approaches to target degradation.
  • By developing partnerships in generic medicines, we are innovating to increase access to high-quality, affordable medicines to millions of patients around the world.
  • Through biosimilars, help millions of patients by improving biologic medicine accessibility, sustainability and affordability. Under this premise, we are exploring opportunities to complement our pipeline and core capabilities in order to broaden patient access to high-quality biologics.

Other Divisions & Functions

  • M&A
  • Venture Investments
  • Alliance Management
  • Out-licensing and Divestments